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PC SOLUTIONS specializes in creating software applications and distributed database development of business applications and data information systems since 1987. We listen and understand our clients' unique business requirements and use our experience to build solid foundations of code and data design. We translate our clients' business problems into solutions that often exceed expectations.
PC SOLUTIONS builds powerful, yet reasonably priced applications using Microsoft Access and the Microsoft Office suite. We have expert Microsoft Access database application developers on staff and strong alliances with other developers having years of experience building applications in every version of MS Access since its introduction in 1972.
PC SOLUTIONS builds mission critical distributed applications that typically use SQL Server and can also support existing Oracle, Informix, DB2, and other back end databases. We also develop smaller desktop and distributed MS Access applications using the native Jet engine and the Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE).
Much of our development uses table driven techniques to create easily maintainable code and rapid application development. We use a number of templates and techniques that have evolved over several years in our Application Development process that allow us to quickly generate easy to use, friendly and efficient data entry screens and reports. We also have the ability to email custom reports to key personnel and clients.
We look forward to earning your trust while developing Productive Computing Solutions for your business.
Please pardon our appearance while we undergo a facelift.

But we are so excited about our new product offering that we wanted to get the word out. PMXpres is our first commercially available Windows application. PMXpres will make tracking and managing small projects easy and straight forward. Developed using Microsoft Access, PMXpres integrates with other powerful MS Office applications Excel, Word, and Outlook and is backward compatible with Office 2002. PMXpres is slated for release 3Q 2007.


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