The History of Productive Computing Solutions LLC (PC Solutions)

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Productive Computing Solutions (a.k.a. PC Solutions) began in 1987 as a part time venture to build and install PCs for individuals and small businesses. This led to building networked systems to share information between computers.
Desktop computers were in short supply at the time and seen more as a status symbol and a curiosity than an indispensable business tool. Aside from the occasional word processor document or spreadsheet analysis, very little productive work was actually done. User friendly software was seriously lacking and sharing information between computers meant copying files onto a floppy disk and walking it over to another computer.
Recognizing the need for productive software in a desktop environment, the focus of the company shifted to custom application development. As time and technology advanced, so has the power and productivity of the software developed at PC Solutions. From simple desktop-only programs to sophisticated interactive networked applications with a worldwide reach ... All in keeping with the original vision of putting Productive Computing into the PC.