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Sample projects and applications created by PC Solutions

-Comprehensive HIPPA compliance testing tool - used to identify errors in the construction, message syntax and other metrics of every 834 EDI file. It is designed to operate in either menu driven interactive mode or scheduled command line batch mode.
-N-tier Client Reporting System using custom Web Services, SQL Server 2000 back-end with user functions to dynamically convert proprietary data formats to a detachable relational database suitable for simple querying by client, using encrypted data sent via automated FTP transfer to an Access 2003 Front End.
-Automated file management and tracking project used to notify clients and carriers when files are ready with linked procedures available containing specific instructions for each file type.
-Client/Server Financial Reporting and Analysis System using MS Access XP and VB6 against stored procedures, tables and views from multiple Informix databases.
-A Sales Margin Reporting system
-Software package to seamlessly install and update any distributed MS Access application on user’s computers, Citrix Server, and Windows Terminal Server.
-Software to capture and identify run-time errors and notify designated software administrator online or by email.
-Shipping Operations & Scheduling application for scheduling and tracking petroleum tankers around the world. Created with MS Access and SQL Server.
-Application to process security transactions for brokers from their offering of mutual funds. Using Visual SourceSafe, it was written entirely in MS Access and VB using ADO against stored procedures and tables in an Oracle 8i database.
-Order entry system in Access ‘2000 to standardize the architectural specifications, options and accessories of many automatic door product lines.
-Created a Client/Server system to collect, store, review and report on “Top Product” sales projections vs. actual sales by product line for each division. Heavy use of VBA, pass-through queries,, SQL Server table layout and scripting, ODBC, DAO, ActiveX controls.
-Developed software to convert and consolidate customer data from several large legacy accounting systems for a Global Business Process Integration project in SAP R/3.
-Created several sophisticated management reports to support Employee Distributor sales operations. Reports included “Overdue Accounts with aging and by type”, “Accounts Receivable Changes over a specified period”, “Distributor margins over a specified period”, “Report card with Monthly Trends”, “Performance vs. Standards” and many others. The reports were created in Crystal Reports from data contained in a SQL Server database over an ODBC connection.
-Lead the development of a family of distributed desktop SIX SIGMA project tracking, management and analysis software with customized global data replication code for both front-end and back-end data processing written in MS Access using DAO and Windows API.
-Created a distributed vendor financial services application and contact management system for trade payables financing in MS Access. This was used to negotiate payment terms with suppliers for various clients.